Available Training

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Pay Administration for Federal Human Resource Specialists

This session typically covers one and one-half days. It is aimed at those who are responsible for making decisions about which work is covered by and which work is exempt from coverage by the FLSA as well as for those who advise managers on the kinds of work assignments that qualify for FLSA overtime compensation. It covers the latest regulations, Government wide guidance, and pertinent court decisions related to the various topics. The session also covers practical exercises that will help to clarify how the regulations and guidance are to be applied to typical work situations the specialist will face in his or her daily assignments. The session can be extended one-half day to discuss particular positions or topics causing questions or concerns at your agency.

1 ½ days                 $1,500
2 days                     $2,000

Optimum Class Size
20-25 participants

Topics Covered:

FLSA Pay Administration For
Federal HR Specialists

1 1/2 Days

2 Days

• Coverage by FLSA

o Geographic coverage and the Foreign Exemption
o Agency coverage
o Employee coverage
o Salary based coverage
o Exemption from coverage

 Executive Exemption Criteria
 Administrative Exemption Criteria
 Professional Exemption Criteria including learned professionals, creative professionals and computer employees

o Temporary duty and coverage

• Hours of Work Under FLSA

o On-Duty Time
o Suffered or Permitted Time
o Other Time including waiting or idle time, pre- and post-shift activities, travel, training, off-duty time, call-back time and sleep and meal time

• Overtime Under FLSA

o FLSA Overtime Defined
o Coverage by More Than One Overtime Law
o Other FLSA Provisions

• Overtime Compensation Under FLSA

o Payment for Overtime under FLSA
o Compensatory Time Off
o Computing Overtime Pay for Nonexempt Employees

• Recordkeeping Requirements Under FLSA

• FLSA Compliance and Claims Processes

o OPM Compliance Program
o Filing an FLSA Administrative Claim
o FLSA Federal Court Claims