Premium Pay Guides

Federal Employees Pay Act (FEPA)

A Manager’s Desk Reference

In a series of concise and clear chapters this desk reference presents information needed by managers and employees in a question and answer format. This makes it easy to find just the information you need in the shortest possible time.

Examples of actual work situations are included that help to clarify employees’ entitlement to each form of premium pay in the day to day work environment. And the interaction between various forms of premium pay also is covered in each chapter. For example, what are the compensation entitlements if an employee is assigned to work night hours on a holiday?

Topics covered include:

• The basic Title 5 forms of premium pay, i.e., those available for those assigned to work on Sunday, at night, on a    holiday and in hazardous situations.

• The annual premium pays, i.e., those for standby duty, administratively uncontrollable duty, and availability for duty.

• Scheduling employee work and the impact this has on entitlements to premium pay.

• Other less frequently used premium pay provisions, e.g., danger pay, can be included when needed.

Each chapter is brief and to the point making it easy to find just the information needed.

FEPA – A Manager’s Desk Reference
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FEPA – A Manager’s Desk Reference
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