Customized Support

Advisory services and assistance can be structured depending on your need and the needs of your organization. It can be developed to respond to a variety of individual issues. Typical areas of concern include FEPA and FLSA overtime, and FEPA premium pay. Other Federal compensation areas can be addressed such as allowances and differentials for working in unusual, costly or difficult situations.

Advisory services and on-site assistance typically respond to an agency’s short term need for support in:

• Responding to premium pay and overtime related claims and grievances filed by employees.

• Reviewing existing or planned positions to properly identify those that are exempt from and those that are nonexempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

• Working to reduce the risk of unexpected premium pay costs by assisting managers and human resource specialists to understand the impact of work assignment practices, and the premium pay and overtime provisions.

• Supporting efforts to assure proper compensation under existing law and regulation while fostering the effective expenditure of scarce financial resources.

Coleman Consulting is here to help. To discuss your specific needs please contact Wayne Coleman at: or at 410.267.0629.