Available Training

Federal Employees Pay Act (FEPA) Pay Administration for Federal Human Resource Specialists

This session typically covers one and one-half days. It is aimed at those who are responsible for advising managers on what kinds of work assignments qualify for FEPA or Title 5 premium and/or overtime pay. The materials cover the latest regulations, Governmentwide guidance, and pertinent court decisions related to the various topics. The session also covers practical exercises that will help to clarify how the regulations and guidance are to be applied to typical work situations the specialist will face in his or her daily assignments.

1 ½ days                $1,500

Optimum Class Size
20-25 participants

Topics Covered:

FEPA Pay Administration For
Federal HR Specialists

1 1/2 Days

• Coverage by FEPA

o Geographic coverage
o Agency coverage
o Employee coverage
o Exclusion from coverage

• Hours of Work Under FEPA

o Scheduling decisions
o Scheduling guidelines
o Alternative work schedules

• Maximum Earnings Limitations

o Aggregate limitations on pay
o Biweekly limitation on payment of premium pay
o Earnings limitations for work in an emergency
o Earnings limitations for mission critical work
o Earnings limitations for certain premium payments

• Overtime Under FEPA

o FEPA overtime defined
o Hours of work
o Compensation for FEPA overtime: includes both pay and compensatory time off
o Compensatory time off for time spent traveling
o Compensatory time off for religious purposes

• Differentials and Premium pay under FEPA

o Night work
o Sunday work
o Holiday work
o Duty involving physical hardship or hazard

• FEPA Premium Pay on an Annual Basis

o Regularly scheduled standby duty
o Administratively uncontrollable overtime (AUO)
o Law enforcement availability pay (LEAP)
o Other premium pay provisions including firefighter pay and overtime pay for Border Patrol Agents

• FEPA Compliance and Claims Processes

o OPM compliance program
o Where to file a claim
o OPM claim process
o FEPA Federal Court claims

• Back Pay Computations

o Determining entitlement
o Computing back pay
o Computing interest
o Attorney fees
o Use of restored leave