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Federal Employees Pay Act (FEPA) Practical Advice for the Federal Manager

A one-half day session designed to assist managers to understand the premium and overtime pay programs under FEPA. It discusses the various forms of premium pay including Sunday, holiday and night differentials as well as overtime and annual premium pay for standby, administratively uncontrollable overtime, and availability. The material covers the requirements to be met to receive the various types of premium pay, and the rates at which the various premium pays are paid. The materials can focus on specific areas of interest to managers attending the session or it can serve as a general survey of the types of premium pay available to assist managers in accomplishing work.

½ day                 $500

Optimum Class Size
20-25 participants

Topics Covered:

FEPA Practical Advice For
The Federal Manager

1/2 Day

• Coverage by FEPA

• Scheduling Work Under FEPA

• Pay Caps under FEPA

Includes the aggregate limitations on pay, the biweekly FEPA premium pay cap, and annual FEPA premium pay caps applicable in emergencies and for mission critical work

• Overtime Under FEPA

Includes the definition of FEPA overtime; a discussion of hours of work creditable as FEPA overtime and FEPA overtime pay and of compensatory time off; and separate provisions for compensatory time off for time spent traveling and compensatory time off for religious purposes

• Differentials and Premium pay under FEPA

Includes provisions covering work performed at night, on Sundays and holidays as well as duty involving physical hardship or hazard

• FEPA Premium Pay on an Annual Basis

If desired, the discussion can include provisions covering regularly scheduled standby duty, administratively uncontrollable overtime (AUO), and law enforcement availability pay (LEAP)

• Other Premium and Special Pay Provisions

If desired, the discussion can include other FEPA premium pay provisions including firefighter pay and overtime pay for Border Patrol Agents as well as other less frequently used premium pay provisions such as danger pay, special premium pay cap waiver for eligible civilian employees working in Iraq, etc.

• FEPA Claims Processes

Includes material on where to file an administrative claim when employees believe they have not been properly compensated for working premium hours; and the process for filing a claim with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)