Designed For Federal Managers and Human Resource Specialists

Coleman Consulting offers a variety of products and services to Federal managers and human resource specialists designed to resolve questions and issues in the puzzling and sensitive areas of premium and overtime pay, and related compensation programs. Available products and services provide advice and guidance on the following FLSA & FEPA Training topics.

premium pay and overtime pay
other compensation
reduce risk

Premium Pay And Overtime Pay

Assistance in determining premium pay and overtime pay entitlements for Federal employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Federal Employees Pay Act (FEPA or Title 5).

Other Compensation

Help in understanding other compensation and pay flexibilities available to managers and human resource specialists in Federal agencies that will assist them to overcome challenges in recruiting, retaining and relocating highly qualified and high performing employees.

Reduce Risk

Advice on ways to reduce the risk of unexpected premium and overtime pay costs from employees’ claims and grievances.

Our Goal

The goal of these products and services is to facilitate both mission accomplishment and effective and efficient utilization of scarce financial resources.

You are invited to explore the kinds of services and products that are ready for immediate delivery.  Existing materials can be customized and new products can be developed if the specific issue or concern in which you are interested is not addressed.  You may contact Wayne Coleman via email ( or via telephone (410.267.0629) to discuss the ways in which Coleman Consulting can assist you.